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Headlines! (7/14)

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Headlines! (7/8)

It’s Friday. You made it through a truncated work week. Enjoy these headlines:

Speaker Boehner raises $29 million (The Hill)
GOP divided over entitlement cuts (The Hill)
Entitlement talks scare Dems (Politico)
Five pieces to the debt ceiling puzzle (Politico)
Obama. GOP move toward debt deal (Washington Examiner)
NAACP complains about diversity in cable news (WSJ)
Wisconsin schools snub unions, save $$$ (Washington Examiner)

And then several links about the new unemployment numbers. Click them all. Including, Obama advisor says unemployment won’t be election issue in 2012.

Local (Nashville/Murfreesboro):

Madden indicted in death of MTSU athlete (Daily News Journal)
TCAP scores show education improvement (TNReport)
Amazon, Tennessee, Bill Haslam, and a national sales tax (Moe Lane | RedState)


Commentary about public education in ATL (Erick Erickson | RedState)
Eric Holder suddenly ignorant about Operation: Fast and Furious (Big Government)
DailyKos even says the job numbers suck (DailyKos)
Sen. Mike Lee says Geithner is wrong (Dave Weigel | Slate)
Verizon’s new data rates are raising eyebrows (George Scoville | The Dangerous Servant)
LA Times doesn’t understand “discredited” (R.S. McCain | The Other McCain)


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Headlines! (7/7)

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Headlines! (7/6)

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